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The Mighty Headband

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Are these warm? YES!

Are these Soft and UBER comfy? Oh My YES!

Are they attractive? Definitely!

A swirl design. Perfect coverage. Sits with utmost comfort on your head. These are stylish and yet extremely functional (Because I love function!).

Knit up by one of our beloved creators Jacki.

One of the many perfect ways to show off our gorgeous yarn and keep you or your loved ones in style and warmth.

The names refer to the animal from which the fiber comes from... my dearest.

Satin -  85% Alpaca, 10% Merino, 5% Malachite Bamboo

Solstice - 95% Alpaca, 5% purple Bamboo

Liza - 90% Alpaca, 10% Malachite Bamboo

Clementine - 80% Alpaca, 10% Merino; 10% Red Silk

Snowy Mountain Man - 100% Alpaca

Monk - 85% Alpaca, 10% Merino, 5% Silk

Jez - 85% Alpaca, 10% Merino, 5% Tencel

We love these. 

Home Grown. Cottage Milled. Hand Made. 

Grown and constructed in the good ole USA.