About Willow Wind Goods

About Willow Wind Goods

My name is Annie and I own Willow Wind Farm and Willow Wind Goods. After decades of dreaming, Willow Wind Farm became a reality in 2012. With a focus on a sustainable lifestyle, I set out to grow my own food, grow herbs, learn about and create personal care products (soap, lotion and hair care), support a tiny goat herd to produce milk for cheese and personal care products, and have a source of fiber for the creation of clothing and home products.

I was introduced to alpacas shortly after I arrived on the farm and FELL IN LOVE. Alpacas are gentle, curious, sometimes mischievous but always magical creatures. And they just so happen to produce some of the finest, most luxurious fiber in the world. After three years of practical study and supported (what a great industry!) practice, I am a proud and committed guardian to these stunning creatures.

With access to some of the best "grey producing" herdsires and a downright gorgeous foundation of females, Willow Wind is well on its way. We added a flock of fine wool sheep and are becoming serious about expanding our "Grey"tness in fine wool as well.

I love to share my lifestyle and my beautiful herd. We are located on 85 acres in Westcliffe CO. I am so blessed to be in this gorgeous place...the dream continues. Drop a line — we are open for business and welcome visitors by appointment.

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