Willow Wind Goods Philosophy

Our alpacas and sheep are the main attraction at our Westcliffe, Colorado farm, where we honor and celebrate our animals and the environment, and strive to preserve the art and science of ranching. Our philosophy is threefold:

Our top-quality alpaca fiber and fine Merino wool are custom blended to create the softest and most luxurious yarn, clothing that functions while being beautiful and home goods that compliment any décor while celebrating the animals that grew them.

Our herd and our flock are our heart. Each handcrafted item represents years of unwavering dedication to ethical and sustainable ranching and production practices. If the fiber isn't grown here at Willow Wind, it is gathered from like minded ranchers in the USA. All of our processing is at dedicated mills and facilities in the USA. We know where every fiber comes from and each hand that touches it in its journey from Willow Wind Goods to you.

We deliver beautiful and functional yarn, clothing and home goods to the discriminating consumer.

When you purchase our products, you are getting the finest, Colorado-inspired artisanal yarn and clothes. You are also supporting a legacy of gentle, nurturing ranching practices in the USA.

Drop a line — we are open for business and welcome visitors by appointment.