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Delilah and Buttercup Alpaca & CVM Yarn

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I don't have a category for CVM; California Variegated Mutant (TRUE! That's a sheep) because I only have one CVM ewe but I LOVE HER and her name is Buttercup. This yarn is therefore listed under alpaca merino. CVM is a very bulky super fine wool; the bulk comes about due to the super tiny but very tight crimp in this wool. Buttercup has been blended with Delilah and oddly these two are the same color - a deep dark dark brown. Delilah is my most highly recognized Alpaca - she is a gorgeous girl and she has won a couple coveted awards.

This yarn is bulky; worsted doesn't even cover it. But its light. I imagine a sweater of epic girth. It would be epic.

50% Alpaca

50% CVM

2-Ply Worsted

200 Yds,

Home Grown, Small Batch (I mean it - I only have 9 of these skeins), Cottage Milled

Proudly grown and made in the USA by small producers