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Epic Farm Blend 2022

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And what an epic blend it is.

Every year I send over 200 pounds of fiber and wool and silk and yak and such off to the mill and my beloved spinner takes special care with each skein, each combination, each color. As the run progresses there is always perfectly wonderful fibers that "fall out" of the process and every year we collect those fibers carefully and in the end combine them into their own yarn.

This is 2022.

A higher than normal silk content of each and every color. An equal dose of Yak. Its share of merino and rambouillet. All fine super quality blends. 

Its like my epic summary for that season. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

70% Alpaca

20% Silk

10% Yak, Merino, Rambouillet

2-Ply DK

200 Yds.

Home Grown, Small Batch, Cottage Milled

Proudly grown and made in the USA