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The Infinity Cowl - Hand Woven with Willow Wind Custom Yarn

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My friend Judy (who also happens to be my Llama shearer) made me one of these out of Mona, my yearling llama's fiber as a gift. I LOVE IT. This llama had a 19 micron fiber which is pretty fine and fairly unusual for a llama. The pattern sits loosely on the neck and upper torso. The v shape and the tassels wear like a piece of jewelry but lightly and with just the right amount of warmth.

So I had her make me some out of our custom yarn. I had just received some of my 2021 clip back from the spinners and I wanted to show off the beauty of these yarns.

This is a gorgeous accessory.

After Hours - 70% Alpaca; 30% Silk

Nancy Bleu - 90% Alpaca; 10% Blue Silk

Shaman - 90% Grey Alpaca; 10% Grey Lambs Wool

Strawberry Shortcake - 90% Alpaca; 5% Silk; 5% Pink Bamboo (beautiful pink/peach finish)

Purple Dusk - 70% Alpaca; 30% Silk

If you want to reference the yarn used, each is listed. The finest alpaca with the finest blends, all of which I source myself.

Home Grown, Small Batch, Made in the good ole USA